ANALOG DEVICES  AD5752RBREZ  Convertidor Digital a Análogo, 16 bit, 1.07 MSPS, Serie, 2.7V to 5.5V, TSSOP, 24 Pines

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Resumen del producto

The AD5752RBREZ is a dual 16-bit serial input voltage output Digital-to-analog Converter operates from single-supply voltages of 4.5 to 16.5V or dual-supply voltages from ±4.5 to ±16.5V. Integrated output amplifiers, reference buffers and proprietary power-up/power-down control circuitry are also provided. The part offers guaranteed monotonicity, integral nonlinearity (INL) of ±16LSB maximum, low noise, 10µs maximum settling time and an on-chip 2.5V reference. It uses a serial interface that operates at clock rates up to 30MHz and is compatible with DSP and microcontroller interface standards. Double buffering allows the simultaneous updating of DAC. The input coding is user-selectable twos complement or offset binary for a bipolar output and straight binary for unipolar output. The asynchronous clear function clears DAC registers to user-selectable zero-scale or midscale output.
  • Software programmable output range
  • Total unadjusted error (TUE) - 0.1% FSR maximum
  • Settling time - 10µs typical
  • Integrated reference buffers
  • Output control during power-up/brownout
  • Simultaneous updating via LDAC
  • Asynchronous CLR to zero scale or midscale
  • DSP/microcontroller-compatible serial interface
  • iCMOS™ process technology

Información del producto

Resolución (Bits):
Frecuencia de Muestreo:
Canal de Entrada, Tipo:
Tensión de Alimentación, Rango:
2.7V to 5.5V
Modelo de ADC / DAC:
Núm. de Contactos:
Interfaz de Datos:
Temperatura de Trabajo Mín.:
Temperatura de Trabajo Máx.:
Tipo de Empaquetado:
Rango de Producto:
Norma de Cualificación Automotriz:
Sustancia Extremadamente Preocupante (SVHC):
No SVHC (17-Dec-2015)
Nivel de Sensibilidad a la Humedad (MSL):
MSL 3 - 168 hours

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