BITSCOPE  BS05P  Osciloscopio USB, Serie BS, 2 Analógico, 6 Digital, 20 MHz, 40 MSPS

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No. Parte Newark
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Serie BS
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Resumen del producto

This is a bundle offer with a Bitscope Micro and a 2 port BNC adapter for a direct connection to various Oscilloscope probes! The BitScope "Micro" Model 5 is the world's first mixed signal scope to include a powerful logic protocol analyzer, waveform & pattern generator, spectrum analyzer and data recorder in one tiny lightweight and waterproof USB powered package. It is fully user programmable, captures digital and analogue signals simultaneously at high speed to 12k buffer and can stream continously direct to disk. BitScope Micro is compatible with Raspberry Pi, Windows, Mac OS X and Linux on x86 and ARM. It's your ideal test and measurement companion.
  • Dual channel digital storage oscilloscope
  • 12 bit analogue sample resolution and high speed real-time waveform display
  • Capture 8 logic/timing signals along with cross-triggers for multi-channel mixed signal measurements
  • Capture SPI, CAN, I2C, UART & logic timing concurrently, solving complex system control problems
  • Display analogue waveforms and their spectra simultaneously in real-time
  • Generate an arbitrary waveform, capture analogue & digital signals concurently
  • Enables creation of programmable logic and/or protocol patterns
  • Record to disk anything BitScope can capture, allowing off-line replay & waveform analysis
  • User programmable, C/C++, Python, VM API

Información del producto

Rango de Producto:
Serie BS
Canales del Osciloscopio:
2 Analógico, 6 Digital
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Un conjunto de 10 cables de prueba con pinzas de enganche, un par de enchufes de cortocircuito analógicos con codificación de color, tarjeta de acceso de conexión, cable USB y adaptador de puerto BNC
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