FUJITSU  FLASH-CAN-48P-M26  Tarjeta de Evaluación, Para MCUs FLASH de 16 Bits, Programación Flash Serial En-Circuito, UART

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FLASH-CAN-48P-M26 is a low cost multifunctional evaluation board for 16bit flash microcontrollers in a FPT-48P-M26 package. It can be used stand alone for software development and testing or as a simple target board to work with the emulator system. The board is supplied with a socketed 4MHz crystal as the main oscillation clock. Using the internal PLL of the MCU, internal clock rates up to 16MHz can be achieved. UART1 can be used for RS232 communication. In circuit programming (asynchronous) can be done via UART1 using the burn in bootloader of the microcontroller. Additionally one TLE6259 single wire LIN transceiver is included to drive the bus line in LIN systems for particular application. The board allows the designer immediately to start with the software development before his own final target system is available.
  • Supports MB90360, MB90385, MB90455, MB90895, and MB90960 series with socket (MB90F387 included)
  • 9V to 12V unregulated external DC power supply usable
  • 5V internal power supply, Power LED
  • All resources available for evaluation
  • All pins routed to connectors
  • One UART interface, one LIN transceiver, one high speed CAN transceiver
  • 8 user LEDs, optional: alphanumeric standard LC-Display connectable instead of LEDs
  • Reset button, reset LED
  • 5 user buttons
  • 64pin VG connector
All data and power supply lines connected to this starter kit should be kept as short as possible, with max allowable length 3m. Longer cables may affect EMC performance and cause radio interference.
This board must only be used for test applications in an evaluation laboratory environment.

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In-Circuit Serial Flash Programming, UART Interface

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This board must only be used for test applications in an evaluation laboratory environment.

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