HONEYWELL  SS549AT  Sensor de Efecto Hall, Unipolar, 20 mA, SOT-89, 3 Pines, 3.8 V, 30 V

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The SS549AT is a Hall Effect Position Sensor, operated by the magnetic field from a permanent magnet or electromagnet. On-board regulation provides extremely stable operation over the full supply voltage range of or 3.8 to 30VDC. Current consumption is a low 10mA maximum at 40°C and is typically 7mA or less at room temperature and above. The sensor is capable of continuous 20mA sinking output and can withstand temporary current as high as 50mA maximum. They can use existing power supply sources in most applications and can be directly interfaced with many electronic components without buffering or compensation circuitry. Micro switch supplies bar and ring magnets for operating Hall effect sensors. Bar magnets can operate any Hall-effect sensor. Ring magnets are magnetized on the outside diameter with alternating North and South poles.
  • Wide temperature and voltage ranges for design flexibility and harsh environments
  • Temperature compensated for consistent operation with low-cost magnets
  • Industry standard gull-wing design

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