LINEAR TECHNOLOGY  LT1884IS8#PBF  Amplificador Operacional, Doble, 2 Amplificadores, 2 MHz, 1 V/µs, 2.7V to 36V, SOIC, 8 Pines

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Resumen del producto

The LT1884IS8#PBF is an Operational Amplifier bring high accuracy input performance to amplifiers with rail-to-rail output swing while providing faster response than other precision amplifiers. Input offset voltage is trimmed to less than 50mV and the low drift maintains this accuracy over the operating temperature range. Input bias current is an ultralow 400pA maximum. The amplifier work on any total power supply voltage between 2.7 and 36V (fully specified from 5 to ±15V). Output voltage swings to within 40mV of the negative supply and 220mV of the positive supply make these amplifiers good choices for low voltage single supply operation. Slew rates of 1V/µs with a supply current of less than 1mA per amplifier give superior response and settling time performance in a low power precision amplifier.
  • 50mV Maximum (LT1884A) offset voltage
  • 400pA Maximum (LT1884A) input bias current
  • 0.8mV/°C Maximum offset voltage drift
  • Operates with single or split supplies
  • 1 million Minimum open-loop voltage gain
  • 1mA Maximum supply current per amplifier
  • Standard pinouts

Información del producto

Núm. de Amplificadores:
2 Amplificadores
Ancho de Banda:
Velocidad de Cambio (Slew Rate):
Tensión de Alimentación, Rango:
2.7V to 36V
Tipo de Amplificador:
Núm. de Contactos:
Temperatura de Trabajo Mín.:
Temperatura de Trabajo Máx.:
Tipo de Empaquetado:
Rango de Producto:
Norma de Cualificación Automotriz:
Sustancia Extremadamente Preocupante (SVHC):
No SVHC (17-Dec-2015)
Nivel de Sensibilidad a la Humedad (MSL):
MSL 1 - Unlimited

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