LINEAR TECHNOLOGY  LT8709EFE#PBF  Controlador PWM, -80V to -4.5V de Alimentación, 750 kHz, TSSOP-20

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The LT8709EFE#PBF is a synchronous PWM Controller for negative-to-negative or negative-to-positive DC/DC conversion with rail-to-rail output current monitor and control. It is ideal for many local power supply designs. It can be easily configured in buck, boost, buck-boost and inverting topologies with negative input voltages. In addition, the LT8709’s rail-to-rail output current sense allows the part to be configured in current limited applications such as battery or capacitor charging. The PG pin is used for power good indication. The LT8709’s switching frequency range can be set between 100 and 750kHz. The part may be clocked internally at a frequency set by the resistor from the RT pin to the -VIN pin, or it may be synchronized to an external clock. The LT8709 also features innovative EN/FBIN pin circuitry that allows for slowly varying input signals and an adjustable undervoltage lockout function.
  • Rail-to-rail output current monitor and control
  • Input voltage regulation for high impedance inputs
  • Power good indication pin
  • Easily configurable as a buck, boost, buck-boost, or inverting converter with a single feedback pin
  • Can be synchronized to an external clock
  • High gain EN/FBIN pin accepts slowly varying input signals

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MSL 1 - Unlimited

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