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Controlador de Alarma, Serie i, Salidas Relevador SPDT, DIN 1/8, 90 a 240 Vcd


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No. Parte Newark
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i Series
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i Series
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Resumen del producto

The I8-AL is a 1/8 DIN Temperature/Process And Strain PID Controller features the big iSeries colour-changing display. The digits are twice the size of typical 1/8 DIN panel meter. The iSeries meter features the only LED display that can be programmed to change colour between green, amber and red at any setpoint or alarm point. The “i8” model is available as an extremely accurate programmable digital panel meter with no outputs or with dual outputs for controlling or alarming functions. Other options include isolated programmable analogue output, serial communications, Modbus and Ethernet. The user can easily program the i8 for any control or alarming requirement from simple ON/OFF to full autotune PID with a choice of form C SPDT relays, solid state relays, DC pulse and analogue (voltage and current) outputs. Fully isolated analogue output for retransmission of the process value is available in addition to the control and alarm relays.
  • User-friendly, simple to configure
  • Free software
  • Full autotune PID control
  • Universal inputs - RTD, thermocouple, process voltage/current and strain
  • Totally programmable colour displays standard
  • Built-in excitation standard
  • Embedded Internet connectivity available
  • 2 Control or alarm outputs - DC pulse, mechanical relays, analogue voltage and current


Industrial, Gestión Térmica, Automatización y Control de Procesos