TDK-LAMBDA  LS7524  Fuente de Alimentación Cerrada AC/DC, 1 Salidas, 75 W, 24 V, 3.2 A

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No. Parte Newark
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LS Series
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Resumen del producto

The LS7524 is a 24V/75W 1-output enclosed Power Supply is an economical and environmental-friendly, high efficiency power output will reduce the amount of wasted energy. Strict evaluation of components used will also reduce defect. Low and high voltage full line up, LS-series cover most of the output voltage to cater wide range of applications. The available 36V is suitable for applications like printer head or LED display panel. Compact size, smaller than current model in which can give more flexibility in design. This compact design is ideal for application including indoor display, self service kiosk and vending machines. Wide operating temperature, designed to operate reliably between -25 to 50°C at 100% load and up to 70°C at derated load. This feature is the best solution for equipment to run in extreme environments. This power supply output is fixed and can be adjustable.
  • 86% Efficiency
  • 120mVp-p Maximum ripple and noise
  • -25 to 70°C Operating temperature range
Do not modify. Do not touch the internal components, they may have high voltage or high temperature. When the unit is operating, keep hands and face away from it.

Información del producto

Núm. de Salidas:
Potencia de Salida Máx.:
Tensión de Salida - Salida 1:
Corriente de Salida - Salida 1:
Tensión de Salida - Salida 2:
Corriente de Salida - Salida 2:
Tensión de Salida - Salida 3:
Corriente de Salida - Salida 3:
Tensión de Salida - Salida 4:
Corriente de Salida - Salida 4:
Tensión de Entrada AC Mín.:
Tensión de Entrada AC Máx.:
Tipo de Salida de Alimentación:
Adjustable, Fixed
Rango de Producto:
LS Series
Sustancia Extremadamente Preocupante (SVHC):
To Be Advised

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