TEXAS INSTRUMENTS  ADS1220IPW  Convertidor Analógico a Digital, 24 bit, 2 kSPS, Único, 2.3 V, 5.5 V, TSSOP

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No. Parte Newark
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The ADS1220IPW is a precision, 24-bit Analogue-to-digital Converter (ADC) IC, offers many integrated features to reduce system cost and component count in applications measuring small sensor signals. The device features two differential or four single-ended inputs through a flexible input multiplexer (MUX), a low-noise, programmable gain amplifier (PGA), two programmable excitation current sources, a voltage reference, an oscillator, a low-side switch and a precision temperature sensor. The device can perform conversions at data rates up to 2000 samples-per-second (SPS) with single-cycle settling. At 20 SPS, the digital filter offers simultaneous 50 and 60Hz rejection for noisy industrial applications. The device supports measurements of pseudo- or fully-differential signals when using the PGA.
  • Low Current Consumption
  • 1 to 128V/V Programmable Gain
  • Up to 2kSPS Programmable Data Rate
  • Up to 20-bit Effective Resolution
  • Simultaneous 50 and 60Hz Rejection at 20 SPS with Single-Cycle Settling Digital Filter
  • Two Differential or Four Single-ended Inputs
  • 10µA to 1.5mA Dual-matched Programmable Current Sources
  • 5ppm/°C (Typical) Drift Internal 2.048V Reference
  • Internal 2% Accurate Oscillator
  • 0.5°C (Typical) Accuracy Internal Temperature Sensor
  • SPI™-compatible Interface (Mode 1)
  • Green Product, No Sb/Br
ESD sensitive device, take proper precaution while handling the device, ESD damage can range from subtle performance degradation to complete device failure.

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Núm. de Contactos:
Canal de Entrada, Tipo:
Salida Simple
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Tipo de Empaquetado:
Rango de Producto:
Quad 24-Bit Sigma-Delta ADCs
Norma de Cualificación Automotriz:
Sustancia Extremadamente Preocupante (SVHC):
No SVHC (15-Jun-2015)
Nivel de Sensibilidad a la Humedad (MSL):
MSL 2 - 1 year

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