Detecting poor air quality is vital for protecting against harmful exposure. Air quality can be compromised due to Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) as well as tiny particulates in the air. This reference design utilizes sensors to detect air quality contaminants and send an alert to the cloud via WiFi.

The HS3001 humidity sensor, ZMOD4410 gas sensor, Synergy S5D9 microcontroller, and high performance power devices enable users to sense and monitor the environment through a mobile cloud connection.

Utilizing the Renesas AE-Cloud2 kit enables new customers and new applications at IoT market. A product level solution helps customers quickly prototype, evaluate and implement their designs. This kit helps break down the barriers to success thanks to the system level reference design which includes kit hardware, secure cloud connectivity and control through a dashboard.

Key Features

  • Temperature, humidity and gas sensing via the HS3001 and ZMOD4410 sensors
  • Color LCD control via the Synergy S5D9
  • System-level solution with source code
  • Secure cloud connection through MQTT+TLS

Block Diagram

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