Smart vending machines have increased in popularity with the trend to be cash-less. The basic functions include an Human-Machine Interface (HMI) with payment and secure monitoring in the cloud. The Renesas Synergy S5D9 MCU has on-chip hardware security, an LCD controller, and qualified SSP for quickly connecting to the cloud. A NarrowBand-Internet of Things (NB-IoT) modem enables direct connection to cloud. The HS300x provides high accuracy and excellent stability for measuring humidity and temperature. With power support from the ISL8117 DC/DC controller, ISL6294 battery charger, and an ISL80103 LDO, the system is complete.

This solution can support differential cable Ethernet and cable-less WLAN connections, such as WiFi, and NB-IoT. The hardware encryption and software protocol, TLS, ensures a secure cloud connection. The capacitive touch and larger color TFT LCD support an optimized HMI experience for the user.

Key Features

  • Secure cloud connection to safely transmit billing information
  • High-performance Arm® Cortex® S5D9 MCU with built-in TFT-LCDC, capacitive touch, and qualified SSP
  • Support for wired Ethernet or various wireless connections such as NB-IoT or WiFi

Block Diagram

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