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Atmel® | SMART SAMA5D4 Xplained Ultra

A fast prototyping and low-cost evaluation platform based on the Atmel SAMA5D4 with a rich set of ready-to-use connectivity, an LCD and HDMI interface, an embedded debug interface unit, as well as storage peripherals and expansion headers for easy customization.

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Atmel® | SMART™ SAMA5 - Versatile High-Performance, Low-Power Embedded MPUs

Microprocessor units deliver high-performance, market leading low-power, and advanced security for cost-sensitive industrial and consumer applications.

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Atmel® SAM4L family

Combine the Lowest Active and Sleep-Mode Power with the Shortest Wake-Up Time

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Atmel® SmartConnect-ATWINC1500

A hardware platform for evaluating the Atmel ATWINC1500 low cost, low power 802.11 b/g/n WiFi network controller module.

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Atmel® SAM D20 ARM based microcontrollers

Bringing AVR® Ease-of-Use to Cortex® M0+ MCUs—Ideal for many low-power, cost-sensitive industrial and consumer applications.

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Atmel Top Selling Serial EEPROMs

Atmel is a leading supplier of Serial EEPROM devices and has shipped over 12 billion devices in the past decade. Because of the ability to alter single bytes of data, Serial EEPROM devices are used to store personal preference and configuration data in a wide spectrum of consumer, automotive, telecommunication, medical, industrial, and PC applications.

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