MWTC-D-K-915/N - 

Conector Termopar, Miniatura, Inalámbrico, Frecuencia ISM USA/Canada, Tipo K


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Resumen del producto

The MWTC-D-K-915/N is a miniature wireless Thermocouple Connector for use with 915MHz wireless K-type thermocouples. The new MWTC wireless smart connector series features a compact, battery-powered thermocouple connector that can transmit or record temperature data back to a mating receiver up to 90m (300') away. During the initial set-up, the connector can be set to transmit, transmit and record or record only at a pre-set time interval. The recording can begin either at power up or at a pre-set time and date. Multiple wireless connectors (up to 48 channels) can transmit to one MWTC-REC receiver. Stored data can be easily downloaded to a PC via direct USB connection. The user can record either 65400 process temperature data points or 32700 process and ambient temperature data points.
  • Built-in cold junction compensation and linearization
  • Records at power-up or at a pre-determined time and date
  • USB (one cable included) PC interface
  • Logging/transmit time interval of 2 seconds to 2 minutes, set by software
  • <5mW (7dBm) RF power output


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