C&K Switches is now part of Littelfuse, Inc.  logo

C&K Switches is now part of Littelfuse, Inc. 

since its formation in 1928, C&K has been at the forefront of technological evolution in electromechanical switches. The company’s unmatched design capabilities tailored to customer needs are recognized globally by design engineers who demand high-quality switch performance. Nearly a century later, C&K remains one of the most recognizable and trusted names in the e-mech switch industry. Read More

Productos destacados

KSC OF series overload friendly tactile switch, the new configuration of KSC with soft silicone actuator, J leads and raised cage to accept life time overload. The tact switch comes in tape and reel packaging.


KSC TE tireless endurance tactile switch is a new KSC2 configuration with J leads, a soft actuator and a renewed combination of dome and support, upgrading the lifetime up to 10 million cycles.


The KSC DCT is a unique combination of a compact form factor (6.2 x 6.2 x 5.2mm) SMT soft actuator tactile switch with the SPDT function. Sealed to IP67 and available with J Lead or Gullwing.


The ATPS19 series is designed to withstand deliberate damage and vandalism, which in turn can reduce the need for costly in-field repairs and product recalls. Besides being vandal proof, the new switches share many characteristics of other ATP switches in the range, including being lightweight, IP67-rated and corrosion resistant.


C&K’s ZMW series mini size snap-acting switches are often found used in automotive. Featuring a compact size (which is ideal when space is limited) and a reliable snap-acting mechanism, the ZMW series give applications with adequate long stroke requirement, ensuing they stand up to repeated use.


The KLS series meets the market requirements on haptic & sound with clear “click” feedback. With the various CAP options and bright LED color, the switches provide the status of its positioning (on/off) and clear indication of its functioning. KLS is available as SPDT and DPDT configurations

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