Newark carries a full range of Macromatic products. You'll find 3-phase monitoring relays, single-phase voltage monitoring relays, AC current monitoring relays, time-delay relays and alternating relays for duplex controls in stock today. All Macromatic products are RoHS compliant and UL listed when used with Macromatic mating sockets.

With almost 40 years of experience, Macromatic makes it simple and cost-effective to find a solution for any application, particularly those in the fields of irrigation, appliances, and compacting.

Get all of your Macromatic products here along with fast delivery, convenient online shopping and friendly customer service and technical support.

Featured Products

Time Delay Relay, Analog-Set

On Delay, 120VAC/DC, 120MIN, 8-Pin DPDT Plug-in

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Time Delay Relay, Digital-Set

Multi-Function, 120VAC/DC, 999HR, 11-Pin DPDT Plug-in

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Time Delay Relay, Digital-Set

Multi-Function, 120VAC/DC, 1023HR, 11-Pin DPDT Plug-in

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3-Phase Monitor Relay, 190-500V

Phase Loss, Reversal, Unbalance, Undervoltage, Overvoltage, 8-Pin SPDT Plug-in

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Voltage Monitor Relay, 24VDC

Adjustable Pick-up and Drop-Out Voltage, 8-Pin DPDT Plug-in

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Current Sensing Relay, 2-20A

Overcurrent and Undercurrent, 120VAC, SPDT, Built-in CT, Encapsulated Enclosure

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Automatización y Control de Procesos

Relevadores e Interruptores (Switch)

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Macromatic 3 Phase Monitor


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