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The 6.1 NX-Series line-up has been expanded to include a 600 amp, 1200 volt dual module to suit a higher power range of applications.

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New Version 6 DIPIPM™ simplifies the design of low power inverters for residential, commercial, and industrial applications by using the latest low loss IGBTs (7th Generation CSTBT™)

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VERSION C modules are designed for use in applications requiring rectification, half-control, or full control. These modules are isolated for easy mounting with other components on a common heat sink. They are constructed with compression bonded Silicon technology for high surge and thermal cycling capability.

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IGBT Gate Drivers use integrated circuits consisting of an optically isolated input and various output current ratings to provide optimal gate drive to IGBT modules. Many models include isolated DC-DC converters for single-supply operation.

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Isolated DC-to-DC converter designed for on-board power supplies in industrial control equipment, including IPMs (Intelligent Power Modules) and IGBT gate drives.

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Development Boards to Improve New Design Time

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